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Andrea with Mom
  MPGN: "Membrano-Proliferative-Glomerulo-Nephritis" - What is it?

MPGN is an uncommon chronic kidney disease which occurs primarily in children and young adults and ultimately leads to kidney failure.

In simplified terms, the filters in the kidney, the glomeruli, suffer injuries from unnatural proliferation of certain types of cells, thickening of the tiny blood vessels, and deposits of immune cells; and ultimately die.

MPGN can be of unknown causes or as the result of another disease. MPGN is subdivided into types I, II and III, based on presentation under microscope and characterized by deposits in different parts of the kidney filters (glomeruli).

Andrea was diagnosed with MPGN type I at the age of three when she had significant protein spill in her urine and her blood pressure reached an incredibly high 200/100. By age of 14, this disease destroyed both of her kidneys.

If you are interested in more information on MPGN, you can find details on the condition and its effects at National Kidney Federation - UK. More technical information can be viewed at The University of North Carolina Kidney Center.

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